These restaurant tips may help you maintain weight; weight loss requires less eating out

The tips below from KevinMD may be helpful.  But in general, restaurants are the graveyard of weight loss (and perhaps send us there earlier, too)....


It sounds like many recruits would not be up to Lil Wayne’s “standards:” By Chris Joyner, USA TODAY JACKSON, Miss. — When the Jackson Police...

Tuna, broccoli, and spinach (bread not shown)

Tuna, broccoli, and spinach (bread not shown)


ScienceDaily (June 3, 2010) — Scientists are reporting new evidence that capsaicin, the stuff that gives chili peppers their kick, may cause weight loss and fight...

The latest research supports my eating plan for weight loss AND health

A series of papers comparing different eating plans support my eating plan (see last page of my newsletter). In one study, people who’d lost weight...

Retrain your brain and pancreas...and live better

Dr. Ellis, 56 year old physician, lost 125 lbs over 20 months by altering his diet and adding regular exercise to his regime. He shares his struggles, successes, and medical knowledge.

Be the tortoise, not the hare!
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